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Construction Project Planning

Preconstruction Planning

Gabbez has the industry experience to assist in preplanning your construction project from early FEED Study, or assisting in producing Project Tender Packages, and Turnaround Planning.

Project Management


New plant and facility construction as well as modifications to batteries, compressors, well sites, tank farms, and SAGD projects.

Project Management – Scheduling, Planning, Budgeting, Subcontractor and Vendor Management.

​Solar Assessment and Installation.​

Picker truck


Fabrication of modular pipe racks, piping, and production skids for oil, gas and steam services.

Pressure Vessel Repair and Alteration, Shop/Field Fabrication of B31.1 and B31.3, Z662 and CSA piping.

ABSA and CWB Certification.

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services

Together with a team of industry professionals, our team is trained and experienced to perform a multitude of pipeline maintenance projects. Whether your lines are oil, gas, fresh water or municipal lines, our trained technicians and Industry Partners have the equipment and expertise required.

Abandonment and Decommisioning

Abandonment & Decommissioning

We offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish approach to facility decommissioning, backed up by a multi-disciplined array of experts and fleet of equipment. We specialize in complete, area-based closures.

Frog Lake Reclamation Project

Civil Reclamation & Remediation

With a fleet of Heavy Equipment we can bring the full life cycle of your site to completion with our Reclamation team. Spills and Hydrocarbon releases can be efficiently cleaned and restored with our expert remediation team including our trusted Environmental Specialist Partners.

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Founded in 2010 we now serve clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba—and are familiar with the challenges associated in each regional landscape.

History Overview

  • 2010 -Founded and Partnered with T&T Oilfield to complete Cenovus Capital Project work for Foster Creek Phase F/G/H

  • 2015 – Acquisition of T&T Oilfield

  • 2017 – Merge T&T Oilfield with Nuwave Industries and Partner to expand to Abandonments and Pipeline Closures

  • 2022 – Divestiture of Nuwave Mechanical Division to Gabbez

  • 2022- Gabbez expands to add Reclamation, Lease Construction, Remediation service lines





Year Established

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Contact Us

Head Office

6507 52 Ave 

Bonnyville, AB 

T9N 2L7

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